The new “Company,” steamer, was being fixed of the Mr

The new “Company,” steamer, was being fixed of the Mr

March 16th

p. 142 Feb. 9th.-The fishery business was in a very disheartened state, therefore is actually calculated the ones from ?15,000 so you can ?20,000 less money would thereon account end up being released from the city.

90 volumes out of books had been administered on the collection of the students Men’s room Institute by Mayor (D. A beneficial. Gourlay, Esq.), Admiral Slopes and you may Robert Steward, Esq.

Feb. 23rd.-Disruptions got developed on this subject account, and you can a person called Super had reported on es Miller and others because the he offered to the fresh new owners’ terms and conditions.

Henry Pickard (curing manager) ended up being energized up until the Magistrates towards manslaughter away from Sarah Auger (aged 20) and you will acquitted.

The latest smack “Good Intent” ended up being captured and condemned since a smuggler, and you will Richard Parmenter, of Light Swan Inn, and you may George Shirley, fish curer, was dedicated most beautiful Tabaco women to Norwich Castle upon Exchequer writs having ?8,230 each.

A meeting was actually held with regard to the fresh legalisation out of relationship with a dead wife’s sis (the latest Gran in the Chair), whenever good petition towards one to level was accompanied.

– Praise, Ferrier, and you may Jay, had went to a conference of Sanctuary Commissioners, and suggested that the very first stone of the bridge will likely be applied which have Masonic honors.

The highest tender into ballast expenses was not removed because of an error of Deputy Town clerk.

February 23rd.-The brand new “Eagle” (recently released on grass out-of T. Barber) ended up being shed out of Jaffa. Hairdresser is covered on the total amount from ?cuatro,000.

Four wherries got damaged adrift later in the day and you can fouled the brand new Haven link even so they had every already been secure from the river watch.

p. 143 A couple of the latest oyster beds got discover on the roadstead, and you will oysters vended at the 1d. so you’re able to three-dimensional. for every quarter.


April sixth.-The initial boilers ever produced in the city was actually are built of the S. V. Moore, to the “Enterprize,” and you may repaired within her at the Crane. It considered 13 loads each.

Robert Waters’ factory during the Southtown had been burnt. It was insured to possess ?1,600 in the sunshine and Norwich Connection Flames Organizations.

The next Guardians was decided to go with:-New es Jackson, George Danby-Palmer, S. C. Marsh, J. Fish, J. Fiddes, and you may B. Fenn, Esqs., and you can Messrs. M. Blowers, R. Ecclestone, C. Steward, J. Grass, T. Lettis, a keen, and S. J. Fill.

April 27th.-The brand new Congregationalists had calculated to build an alternative chapel up on region of your own webpages of late Mansion regarding John Penrice, Esq., inside the King Street, and you may ?step 1,107 10s. 7d. had come subscribed.

uel Palmer, Esq., regarding negative effects of a major accident. Palmer try taking a drive in your day, even though going over the new Bridge his pony grabbed fright within brand new firing of some canon inside commemoration of relationships regarding Miss Costerton, Palmer when you look at the wanting to jump off their gig is tossed with higher push on his head, and that injury ended up a deadly you to definitely.

An excellent finely-nicely toned bell weigh 10 cwt. 3 qrs. 14 pounds. on the secret G, results this new inscription “Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,” had been fixed regarding the tower of the this new Roman Catholic Church.

The new Poor’s box on the Parish Church ended up being broken open, and articles, considered a lot, stolen.

Will get 11th.- Elizabeth. H. L. Preston got designated Recipient of Admiralty Droits in the set of Samuel Palmer dry.

The new Jury impannelled when it comes to Preston v. The fresh new Retreat Commissioners, immediately following hearing the data of the plaintiff, and you may Palmer from inside the reply, awarded them ?950 ruin and you will ?100 into property value the fresh new belongings removed.